A selection of photos from typical past projects are shown below, together with a short summary of work completed.
Projects (typical), cont'd
Investigation of Residential Natural Gas Explosion; Gas Pipe Damaged by Backhoe - This single family home was in the vicinity of excavation activities being conducted in the street. It is believed that a backhoe pulled the natural gas service line to the home out of its fitting, resulting in an underground release of gas which migrated to the home. An occupant was severely injured during the explosion. The bottom photo shows the gas service line with indentations that matched the backhoe bucket dimensions.

Investigation of Restaurant Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System Failure - This kitchen hood's fire suppression system's control linkage was not properly adjusted during a periodic inspection. Later, a fire occurred under the hood, and the system did not activate, resulting in heat and water damage to the restaurant.
Sprinkler System Reconstruction Efforts after Major Warehouse Fire (Chicago, IL, 1/07) - During this warehouse fire, a dry pipe sprinkler system activated. Reconstruction efforts, examinations and tests were conducted to determine if the system activated and performed properly.
Investigation of Abandoned Tunnel Explosion in Mall Parking Lot (Chicago, IL, 1/05) - An abandoned underground tunnel under a shopping mall parking lot exploded, resulting in some injuries and damage to many vehicles and to surrounding buildings. Investigation focused on the determination of the fuel source, leaking natural gas from adjacent and intersecting gas lines through the tunnel.
Computer Fire Model Simulation of High-Rise Building Fire and Stairwell Smoke Flow (Chicago, IL, 10/03) - In this high rise fire case, several occupants were fatally injured in one of the stairwells during evacuation due to toxic exposure to hot smoke and products of combustion. The author modeled the fire area of the building in a manner similar to work done by NIST scientists, to investigate what variations in building construction and firefighting procedures (based on various allegations) would have on the outcome of the incident. Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) model software was using during this analytical investigation.
Testing Smoke Alarm Artifact in Laboratory - This investigation involved a fatality in an apartment building fire, in a unit adjacent to the burning apartment. The photo shows the examination and testing of the smoke detector from that apartment. Testing determined that the unit was operational.
Spirnkler System Water Damage Investigation Due to Freeze (Chicago, IL 1/13) - The investigation showed pipe fitting rupture located near coldest area of the building. The dry pipe system had inadvertently activated, and later froze, resulting in the water damage situation during the after-thaw, filling three floors of the industrial occupancy. The dry pipe system had not been maintained in several years.
Large Single Family House Explosion in (Chicago area 4/14) - A natural gas explosion resulted in complete destruction of the home, as well as severe damage to adjacent homes and lesser damage to many others. Photos show investigators retrieving evidence in basement remains, and a later reconstruction of gas piping in an aircraft hangar.
Oklahoma City Bombing of Murrah Building (Oklahoma City, OK, 4/95) - Mr. Mniszewski participated in the investigation as part of a FEMA team.
Restaurant Fire Investigation, (Chicago area 8/15). Testing for obstructions in restuaraunt hood fire suppression piping. (Investigation is still on-going)

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