Fire/Explosion Incident Investigation & Reconstruction (including Origin & Cause analysis)

Fire-Causation Analysis of Appliances, Equipment & Vehicle Systems ( e.g. boilers, ovens, etc.)

Fire Suppression System Failure Investigation (i.e. sprinkler systems, restaurant systems & special extinguishing systems) - including sprinkler system freeze-up failures

Computer Fire Modeling (note: occasionally utilized in incident reconstruction - (advanced courses in FDS have been taken)

Flammable Gas/Vapor Dispersion Modeling in Enclosures and Outdoors

Smoke Detector and Fire Alarm System Failure Investigation

Case Review of other Fire/Explosion Investigative Reports

Life Safety Evaluations

CO (carbon monoxide) Incident Investigation & Reconstruction

Analytical & Experimental Fire/Explosion Research

Heat Transfer Analysis

Building, Mechanical & Fire Code/Standards Analysis

Gas Industry Equipment Fire Safety Analysis and Failure Investigation

Product Hazard Evaluaion

Process or Industrial Hazard Assessment

Fire Protection Engineering
Engineering Services

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